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          HB-463W TV stand
              Publish time 2018-10-31 08:46    

          TV stand with bracket

          TV stand with bracket
          Black powder coated 
          Black printed tempered glass: T=8/5/5mm
          Plywood in NC painting.

          Model Number: HB-463W
          Material: Metal, wood, glass
          Color: Black, cherry, Oak
          Product Size: 1200*450*1270mm
          Box Size: 1300*530*155mm
          MOQ: 100pcs
          OEM: Accept
          Lead Time: 55 days
          Payment Term: T/T

          Our Advantage:
          1. Excellent teamwork with good experience can be fast solve your problem;
          2. We are manufacturer, we can save your trade money;
          3. Quanlity Checked one by one;
          4. We are able to produce different stands accord with customer's requirement, OEM logo.