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          Hello! Welcome to HuiFeng Furniture Co., Ltd.
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          We are passionate about creating furniture for modern homes

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          TV stand with bracket

          Black or white powder coatd metal

          Black printed tempered glass:T=6/5/5mm

          Black beam through printed tempered bend glass door T=5/5mm.

          Plywood side post and rail with walnut or oak veneer, or in black, white high gloss painting.
          (Metal side post and rail with black or white gloss powder coated or with wood grain)

          This is a hot selling product, the side post and front rail can in plywood or metal, the color is selectable.

          Model   Number HB-378
          Material Metal,   Plywood, glass
          Color Black,   expresso, Walnut, Oak
          Product Size 1250*490*1350mm
          Box Size 1350*530*195mm
          MOQ 100pcs
          OEM Accept
          Lead Time 55   days
          Payment Term T/T

          Our Advantage:

          1. Excellent teamwork with good experience can be fast solve your problem;
          2. We are manufacturer, we can save your trade money;
          3. Quanlity Checked one by one;
          4. We are able to produce different stands accord with customer's requirement, OEM logo.