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I started this blog in response to a world of football media saturated with lazy journalism. Unresearched reports, transfer tittle tattle, scandal sagas, Joey Barton, Sky Sports’ big club agenda – all of it appeared to frame football in a boring, repetitive narrative, completely unreflective of the sport’s fun and unpredictabe nature.

Ironically, blogs like this have now saturated football media to an arguably greater extent. For my role in that, I proudly apologise.
BainesI support Everton because my dad basically bought me badges outside Goodison on match days until I definitely did. Andrei Kanchelskis was the first name on the back of my shirt, he was my first hero. These days, I’d have to say Leighton Baines. Any free-kick-taking full-back with a mod haircut, a guitar and a sweet left-foot sounds like a good enough hero for me.

I mainly write about Everton but try to throw in as much other stuff in as possible (hardly any). I am completely biased. If you don’t understand why Everton are well better than whoever you support, well that’s basically your dad’s fault.
Here is a short list of things I like about football:

– Left-footers.
– Craftily-worked free-kick routines.
– James McCarthy’s stamina.
– Youth development.
– The instant trapping of a ball following a lofted cross-field switch.
– The occasional touchline control of managers.
– All of Barney Ronay’s articles.

Here is a much longer list of things I find annoying:

– The disparity between fans’ costs and players’ earnings.
– Brightly coloured, mainly orange football boots.
– Diving.
– Keepers getting a hand on a Goal of the Month entry. Unacceptable.
– Wealth as the determinant.
– Corners that go out of play.
– Referees who believe retaining the ball always means an advantage.
– The abundance of ex-Liverpool pundits and the fundamental lack of objectivity amongst them and most of their colleagues.
– Time-wasting.
– Southern dominance of football media.
– That dance Daniel Sturridge does.
From time to time, my writing will appear elsewhere, but the place you can most regularly find me is here @cdsmith789. Give me a shout sometime, unless, you know, you’re not very nice.

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